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May News


Our herd has been growing!  Can you pick out the newest members of our herd?  We are sure excited to have them apart of Lodge Creek Longhorns now.  There are a few more that will be arriving shortly too.  Stayed tuned for those!   Calves are continuing to arrive also.  With all of this new growth we have decided to part with a few.  Check out our updated 'for sale' page!  You will be surprised with what we are selling... I still am! :)

Spring is here!  We have been receiving an abundance of moisture the last couple of weeks.  It has created some challenges for us to get into the fields.  We are very thankful for the moisture because without it our crops will not flourish and grow.  BUT... it would be nice if we could get our seed in the ground first!  Unfortunately, we are a little behind where we would've liked to have been by now.  I am confident we'll get it done though!  We will be busy seeding, spraying, and rolling for the next while.  I will do my best to keep you all posted on Facebook with the new happenings here at the farm & ranch!  If you haven't 'liked' our page yet, do so now!  

Scorpion Semen For Sale

Scorpion has finally been collected!  You will now be able to add top notch bloodlines to your herd.  We are offering a low price of $100 per/straw.  Don't let this herd changing possibility pass you by, call now!  Scorpion won again at HSC 2016!  This is the 3rd year in a row.  Scorpion has won every time he has been entered!  Not only is he 107.75 TH but he weighed in at 1600#'s.  Pretty good considering he had just been pulled off of the main herd here at LCL prior to traveling over 1200 miles to Texas. That bull never ceases to amaze us.  Let his bloodlines amaze you too!


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