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November News

For the most part we have finished farming for the year except for a few things.  By the end of the first week of this month we should be done spraying our winter crops so we'll be able to get in the field right away next spring.  The abundance of rain has hindered some seeding this Fall.   Thus far, we are about 200 acres shy of seeding everything we had planned on.  If weather permits we still may be able to get it done.  The last rain shower produced almost an inch of moisture.  If that happens again there will be no chance to get back in the field.  On a positive note I believe we will have some tremendous hay next year.  Our fingers are crossed!  

Daddy & Daughter(s) Time

The excessive amount of moisture we've received enabled Lin to take a break and get some daddy and daughter time in. Hunting is another passion for Lin.  Our family thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and nature in general.  These will be memories cherished and remembered by all!  Good job girls and thank you daddy for sharing your passion with us! 

Scorpion Semen For Sale

Scorpion has finally been collected!  You will now be able to add top notch bloodlines to your herd.  We are offering a low price of $100 per/straw.  Don't let this herd changing possibility pass you by, call now!  Scorpion won again at HSC 2016!  This is the 3rd year in a row.  Scorpion has won every time he has been entered!  Not only is he 107.75 TH but he weighed in at 1600#'s.  Pretty good considering he had just been pulled off of the main herd here at LCL prior to traveling over 1200 miles to Texas. That bull never ceases to amaze us.  Let his bloodlines amaze you too!

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