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September News 
Between the hurricane in Texas and fires in Montana people have thankfully started to unite to help one another.  It is unfortunate it takes tragedy for that to happen.  It has been so nice to see some of our longhorn friends being so positive and supportive to those in need.  We hope everyone who has endured tragedy in their lives recently finds peace and begins to rebuild.  At Lodge Creek Longhorns we are currently in a drought. There are fires within 30 miles of us.  We are very fortunate and blessed to live in a community that comes together in times like this.   
We are still planning to be at the Horn Show Case (Lawton, OK) Oct 4-7.   The traveling we will be doing soon is a great opportunity for you all.  We can haul any animal you have been waiting to buy to either the event or any location in between at no additional cost.  Check out our updated 'for sale' page to pick out which animal you'd like to add to your herd!  You will be excited to see what we are willing to part with.  

We are about 75% done harvesting this years crop.  We are patiently waiting for our chickpeas to ripen.  We are anticipating wrapping up mid to late September.  We will begin seeding soon as well.  We plan to seed a fair amount but if it doesn't rain soon we will have to go with an alternative plan.  Farming is a profession of hope that we are thankful to have!  We will be posting pictures of the cattle on Facebook. So, if you haven't 'liked' our page yet, do so now!  

  Scorpion Semen For Sale

Scorpion has been collected!  You will now be able to add top notch bloodlines to your herd.  Did you know that Scorpion throws purple roan... A LOT.   We are offering a low price of $100 per/straw.  Don't let this herd changing possibility pass you by, call now!  Scorpion won again at HSC 2016!  This is the 3rd year in a row.  Scorpion has won every time he has been entered!  Not only is he 107.75 TH but he weighed in at 1600#'s.  Pretty good considering he had just been pulled off of the main herd here at LCL prior to traveling over 1200 miles to Texas. That bull never ceases to amaze us.  Let his bloodlines amaze you too!


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