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Award DateEvent LocationAward
10/07/2017HSC 2017Bull Alley
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Composite215.250010/04/2018 HSC
Tip to Tip75.625010/04/2018 HSC
Total Horn107.500010/04/2018 HSC
Composite216.937510/05/20171st placeHSC 2017
Tip to Tip75.312510/05/2017 HSC 2017
Total Horn108.812510/05/20171st placeHSC 2017
Weight1585.000010/05/2017 HSC 2017
Tip to Tip75.125006/15/2017  
Total Horn107.750010/21/20161st placeHSC 2016
Weight1696.000010/21/2016 HSC 2016
Total Horn104.875010/01/20151st placeHSC 2015
Tip to Tip73.750012/03/2014  
Composite212.687510/10/2014 HSC 2014
Tip to Tip73.687510/10/2014 HSC 2014
Total Horn104.625010/10/20141st placeHSC 2014
Lodge Creek Longhorns partnered on Scorpion in the Fall of 2016 with a couple of the greatest partners we could have possibly asked for, Gary Bowdoin and Gary Becker both out of TX. Scorpion will now spend the more than half the year in TX and come back to MT for the summers.  

At the 2016 HSC there was a scale in the chute so all bulls were weighed in, Scorpion was right at 1700 lbs.  This was after a 40 hour trip to TX and back to Lawton.  He also was on LCL main herd all summer.  Scorpion throws twist on almost all offspring along with tons of horn!  This bull is legit with the numbers to back it up...not many can say this.

The 2017 HSC is in the books and Scorpion brought home 2 more bronzes!  To top it off he was the co-winner of Bull Alley!  He has continued growing horn with TH measurement of 108.8125 and composite 216.9375.  He was about 110 pounds less than last year but he came in directly off his pasture full of girls and he seemed to completely despise the water in Lawton this year.  We are super proud of him and his accomplishments...many thanks go out to the greatest partners anyone could ask for...Gary & Teresa Bowdoin/Gary Becker.